Dr. Phil cracks open the video vault for a rare look at outtakes, bloopers and exceptional stories from his first season.

Behind the Scenes
Dr. Phil putters around the office at 5 a.m. Commenting on workstations that are a mess to spotless ones that he jokes must be "the sign of a sick mind," Dr. Phil pokes a bit of fun at the staff.



What the Tabloids Say
Dr. Phil says he's a pretty boring guy, so the tabloids have resorted to making things up about him! Is his staff really desperate for more bathrooms in the office? Of course not!



Sibling Rivalry
Dr. Phil's younger sister, Brenda, who once told her brother that he's got an easy job, admits on national TV that what he does requires "a lot of brain cells."




"Make Him Stop Snoring!"
Brandon has a great relationship with his wife except for one loud problem " his snoring.




Coping with Snoring


Spoiling Your Kids
Abby badgered her parents for a horse. Has she also lassoed them into spoiling her?




Dr. Phil and Jay step in. 


Robin's Wardrobe
Many viewers wrote in asking why Robin wears so much black.




Look at proof that her wardrobe is colorful!


Turning the Tables
The audience gets a chance to ask Dr. Phil questions about his life, role models, passions and more.




View Dr. Phil's responses.