Parents, listen up! Your A-student or football champion could be abusing ADD/ADHD medication right under your nose. Dr. Phil alerts you to the latest risky teen trends and gives you advice for knowing what your kids are doing before it's too late.


Dangerous Teen Trends

Teen correspondent Alex Weinberg and two of his peers discuss the risky fads today's young people engage in. One viewpoint might surprise you.


"This is a gateway medication." 


On the Brink of Self-Destruction
Rick and JoAnne admit they missed the warning signs when their 19-year-old son, Michael, started taking OxyContin to increase his alertness in school. Now they believe their son is hooked on the pills, and they say he lies, cheats and steals to feed his addiction. Dr. Travis Stork, co-host of The Doctors, weighs in.


Are Rick and JoAnne enabling their son?


Throwing a Lifeline
Michael joins his parents onstage, and Dr. Phil conducts an exercise with the family that brings them all to tears. Does Michael want to kick his habit, or is it too late for him to change?


"Do you get that you've become a passenger on the drug train?"

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