Whether it's in school, sports or hobbies, all parents want their children to succeed. But can a competitive spirit go too far? Olympic champion Dominique Moceanu drops by to give pushy parents a wake-up call!


The Coach from Hell?

Ronda says she wants her 10-year-old daughter, Brianna, to become a baton twirling champion. She says she makes Brianna practice two hours a day, gets into arguments with other baton moms and has spent more than $15,000 on costumes!


What's behind Ronda's obsession with winning?



Down a

Dark Path
Olympic gymnast Dominique Moceanu says when she was a teen, her father and coaches pushed her to a place of deep despair and lack of self-confidence. She says she fears Ronda may be headed down that same road with Brianna.


Can Dominique give the controlling mom a wake-up call?


Bouncing Back from Betrayal

Corey says his dreams of becoming a champion speed skater came to a halt when he tested positive for steroids at age 13.  His father, who injected Corey with the drugs to give him a competitive edge, is now serving six years in federal prison for the act. Now 20, Corey says he hasn't spoken to his dad since his arrest two years ago.


Can the young man forgive his father and learn to trust him again?



It's Your Turn, Dr. Phil!

This season, viewers turn the tables on Dr. Phil to ask him whatever is on their mind!

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