Alex, now 21, a mother of two and on the verge of divorce faces off with her mother and sister. Her family frequently accuses her of making bad choices, and now she confronts her mom, Erin, and sister, Katherine. What does Alex want from her mother? Can this family come together when they need each other most?



Tense and Emotional Meeting

Alex and Erin confront their issues. Alex opens up about her feelings toward her mother for testifying against her in her custody cases, and Erin shares her thoughts about Alex's boyfriend, Anthony. And, when Erin reveals her biggest concerns about Alex, a heated conversation ensues.


"That's the only way she will fight for my behalf."



A Breach of Trust

Alex reveals why she is so angry with her mother. Find out why Erin says she's taking the actions she is. Can Dr. Phil help mother and daughter find common ground?


"I can't talk to you if you're not going to be honest."



Katherine Joins the Conversation

Alex's younger sister, Katherine, shares why she and Alex are no longer speaking. And, Dr. Phil has a powerful message for Erin and Katherine.


"You've got to find a way to find some common ground."



Moving Forward

Dr. Phil and Alex make a plan for the near future.


"There's nothing I can't deal with if I know it up front."


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