To save money, it may seem like a good idea to take in extended family members, but tough economic times shouldn't be a free pass for freeloaders! Dr. Phil speaks with people fed up with family members who aren't contributing.


New Family Dynamic
Sandy's 25-year-old daughter, Jamie, was unemployed and newly divorced when she moved back home " along with two rambunctious sons and a dog. Sandy says Jamie doesn't pay rent or help around the house, and she's tired of being taken for granted. 


Dr. Phil helps Sandy negotiate a new deal with her boomerang kid.



Unemployed and Under Fire
Debbie and Paul were sitting in the lap of luxury until Paul lost his job three years ago. Now this family holes up in a hotel room and is one step away from being homeless. Debbie says her husband needs to get a job " any job " or she's walking. Why is it taking Paul so long to find employment? Dr. Phil lays it on the line for this husband.  


"The longer you are off work, the less likely you are to ever return to work."



Is Babysitting a Privilege or a Job?
Ceffie wants to know if it's wrong to charge a fee for babysitting her four grandchildren.


What does Dr. Phil think?

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