How many times have you heard a shocking story and thought, that could never happen to me? What if it something devastating did happen to you? Would you be able to pick up the pieces and move on, or would you fall apart?


Thwarted Dreams

Stacy says that her 19-year-old daughter, Heather, was an honor roll student and captain of the debate team. What shattered the teen's bright future and led her to become a porn star?


"I felt that someone had just called me and told me my daughter was dead."


Cosmetic Enhancement Nightmare

Tiffany and Katrina say they attended a cosmetic enhancement party a few weeks before their wedding, but ended up with disastrous results. Find out how a simple procedure went way wrong.


Learn how to protect yourself from being disfigured. 


Devastated By Drunk Driving Death

Julie says she can't forgive herself for driving drunk and killing a 16-year-old girl over a decade ago. Now she fears that something horrible will happen to her own children.


Will Dr. Phil's exercise help the grieving woman find answers?