Recent new stories across the country show an unexplainable trend " teens getting violent: A 15-year-old set on fire by classmates, a high school honor student killed in a fatal beating in a teen mob, a teenager stabbed by his older brother over a trivial argument, a star athlete killed in the crossfire of a gang-related shooting, a 15-year-old girl beaten and gang-raped on high school grounds while onlookers do nothing … Could your child ever be capable of a horrible act of violence?


Horrific Assault on School Grounds
Dr. Phil and his guests discuss the horrific case of a 15-year-old girl in Richmond, California, who was allegedly gang-raped on school grounds after a dance, while witnesses did nothing. Hear firsthand from a reporter covering this story, the girl who called 911, a teacher at Richmond High and a defense attorney for one of the accused. Plus, another teen girl shares her story of assault on school grounds.

What kind of boys would do something like this? 


Growing Up to Be a Killer?

Are you worried that the anger you're seeing in your child could predict a violent future? Glenda is worried her 10-year-old grandson is going to become the next Jeffrey Dahmer. She says the boy is extremely angry and violent and has killed multiple family pets. What is going on with this boy, and can his behavior be corrected?  

"He threw the gerbil up against a wall." 


Backstage Talk

Dr. Phil meets the 10-year-old for a one-on-one talk. Hear why he says he's so angry and see a clip from their conversation. Plus, Dr. Phil gives Glenda and the child's mother, Melanie, his advice on what their next step should be. 


"Something very bad is going to happen."

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