When Dr. Phil explored infidelity in a recent show, the debate sparked thousands of viewers to weigh in. Dr. Phil addresses the flood of comments he received on his Twitter and Facebook pages and on the message boards, and he answers the question: "Is it possible to make your marriage affair-proof?"
Taking on the Other Woman
Sarah Symonds, leader of the online group Mistresses Anonymous, maintains that the other woman can help sustain her lover's marriage. Don't miss what happens when she faces off with Melvine, a guest who says she was cheated on. And Michelle, a viewer, takes Sarah to task!

Notes from a Self-Proclaimed Bad Boy
Steve, author of The Manual, says men are prone to stray. Watch what happens when he hits the streets of Los Angeles for a male perspective on infidelity.

A Viewer Weighs In
Debbie says physical attractiveness should never be a factor in whether or not someone is unfaithful. Find out why she says she's angry with Dr. Phil!

Extra Content

Having an Affair? A Handbook for the "Other Woman."
by Sarah Symonds

 The Manual
by Steve Santagati

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