Are your extravagant ways about to send you to the poorhouse? Learn the top five biggest financial mistakes you could be making. Plus, Dr. Phil talks to Vicki, Jeana and Lynne of The Real Housewives of Orange County about how the economic downturn is affecting them.


From Riches to Rags 

Brad and Yvonne had a 3,200 square foot house, went on expensive vacations and hosted lavish parties for their friends. Now they say they live in a trailer in Yvonne's parents' backyard. In spite of their dire financial straits, Yvonne says her husband still wants to purchase a $1,800 watch!


What's behind Brad's urge to splurge?


No Room for Love
Now that they live in cramped quarters with two daughters, Brad and Yvonne say intimacy is impossible. Will the couple get a wake-up call about their spending habits?


"I will cry about it, and I'll think about the past." 


Real Housewives, Real Problems 

The economic downturn is even forcing the wealthy to downsize. Dr. Phil talks to Vicki, Jeana and Lynne of The Real Housewives of Orange County about how the cash crunch is affecting them.


Learn how to explain financial challenges to your children.


Women and Finances

Jeana says she was forced to ask Vicki for a loan, but the response wasn't what she expected. Find out what happened. Plus, a top Hollywood divorce attorney shares some of the top mistakes women make when it comes to money and marriage.


"I just think that it destroys friendships."


It's Your Turn, Dr. Phil!

Dr. Phil fields questions from several viewers: Does he help Robin around the house? What's his middle name? How did he get into his career?


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