With the economy in trouble, a lot of people are under pressure and getting desperate. Learn the tools to protect yourself from liars, cheats and scammers who are trying to take advantage.


Long List of Lies

Telling little white lies to spare someone's feelings is one thing, but what if you had a long list of lies? Shanna says her husband, Jason, fibs about everything from how far he rode his bike to his secret bank accounts. Jason says he lies to avoid a fight with his wife.


"I absolutely feel like my wife forces me to lie to her." 

Deception Detective

Dr. Lillian Glass is a communication and body language expert who says anyone can pick up deception if they know what to look for. Dr. Phil tests Dr. Glass' skills. He introduces her to two women who both say they work for the show. Which one is the imposter?


Stealing Tween

Research says by the time a child is 3, he or she knows how to lie. But what do you do when your child's fibbing habit turns into something much worse? Melissa says she is at her wits' end over what to do with her 12-year-old daughter, who started lying and stealing at 8.


"Her father and I are just ready to send her away." 

Sweetheart Scams
More than 20 million people visit online dating sites each month, but what many unsuspecting romantics don't know is that scam artists are there too. These con men often prey on women who are vulnerable and looking for love. Donna claims she got scammed out of $165,000 from two men she met online, and Cindy thinks she is being romanced by a scammer.


Hear about the latest online scams and how to protect yourself. 

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  • For more online scams to look for and how to protect yourself, go to FTC.gov.
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