Twenty-one-year-old Alex currently faces two custody battles, harsh allegations of drug use and claims from her family and her children's fathers that she's an unfit mother. Find out what happens when she's asked to submit to random drug testing, when Erin goes to court to get temporary custody of Alex's children, and why Dr. Phil raises his voice to the young mother of two.  


Get caught up with this family. 


Drug Testing

Alex was hurt in a serious car accident over a year ago. Her family claims she's abusing the medication she was prescribed to combat the pain, but Alex maintains she's drug free.


Will Alex agree to submit to random drug testing?


Disturbing News

Dr. Phil receives an e-mail with serious and troubling allegations about Alex and her boyfriend, Tony. He takes immediate action.


"I knew something was wrong with that baby."


The Custody Battle Begins
Dr. Phil's number one goal is to ensure that Alex's children, Nathan and Leilah, are safe. He speaks with Erin before she appears in front of a judge to offer advice for the emergency custody hearing.


Find out who else is fighting for custody of Leilah, and why Alex was a no-show in the courtroom.


Dr. Phil Confronts Alex
Alex didn't appear in court for the custody hearing of Leilah. When Dr. Phil calls her to find out why, the conversation turns tense. And, Alex and her lawyer join Dr. Phil to give details about her warrant, and she makes a shocking statement about the pictures of Leilah.


"Don't say something that you don't really mean."

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