Why do people make snap judgments and decisions about others based on minimal information? Dr. Phil is joined by TIME magazine contributor Joel Stein, who calls himself a professional judger, to determine why people are so quick to form an opinion.  


How judgmental are you? Do you size up people based on their appearance or name? 


Professional Judger 

TIME magazine writer Joel Stein, who considers himself a professional judger, joins Dr. Phil to discuss some headlines where snap judgments took place. 


"We haven't had a celebrity president in a very long time."


Sending the Wrong Message?

Sixteen-year-old Aubrey says her mom, Chris, is judgmental about everything, and it's ruining their relationship. She says her mom always criticizes her clothing, her hair and her friends. Is Chris over the top, or is the teen too much of a wild child?


"I'm tired of not being good enough."

Double Trouble?

Pam and Deja are 21-year-old identical twins who say they want people to quit judging them based on their appearance.


"Girls are vicious." 

Name Dropping

Emmy Award-winning writer and Los Angeles Times contributor Teresa Strasser reveals what she did that caused people to judge her.


"We've just started calling him Buster." 

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