Alex is ready to end her marriage to Chris, her husband of less than a year with whom she has a daughter, Leilah. She says he was emotionally and physically abusive toward her, although he denies the allegations. Dr. Phil sits down with the soon-to-be exes and their attorneys to hash out the remaining details of their divorce.


Can mother and daughter move past their issues and agree to support each other?


Finalizing the Divorce

Dr. Phil sits down with Alex and Chris, as they battle over the final details of their divorce. Find out which sticking points are keeping the sides from reaching an agreement.


When Dr. Phil suggests a compromise, will they agree to sign the papers?


Raising Leilah

Dr. Phil offers Alex and Chris advice for moving forward as co-parents of their daughter and for putting her at the top of their priority list.


"You have to be willing to let that bitterness go."