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The Dr. Phil staff tragically lost a member of its family when producer Jeremy Stabile passed away unexpectedly of natural causes on February 13th, 2003. Viewers may remember Jeremy as the handsome young man who played Thomas the Tank Engine in one of the parenting shows that he produced.


"We lost him suddenly, but we will never forget his work and how it impacted so many who sat in the audience and watched [the show] from home," says Dr. Phil. "We'll never forget his smile, his sense of style, his professionalism, his humor, and his compassion."


"Jeremy was truly a remarkable young man, a huge talent," recalls Dr. Phil. "This kid had vision. He could take an idea for a show, develop it and mold it into a framework within which I could easily work. That's unusual for someone so young with comparatively little life experience ... He had a calmness, a willing spirit, that made everyone around him feel good about themselves."

Jeremy's family has created their own loving online tribute to this remarkable young man at www.hjstabile.com/jeremystabile/