Are you unwittingly making decisions that could jeopardize your well-being or reputation? Dr. Phil talks to a woman accused of dognapping and a mom who spent nearly $30,000 on her 2-year-old's beauty pageants.


In the Dog House

Neighbors Diane and Lora made headlines when Diane was arrested for stealing Lora's dog and dropping it off 15 miles from home! Lora says her neighbor never apologized for the deed and says she's afraid of Diane's erratic behavior.


Is it too late for Diane to rebuild her ruined reputation?

Cautious Mom or Overreacting?

Cheryl says she worries her young daughter will contract H1N1, so she washes the child's hands 10 times a day. She even posts signs around the house telling others to sanitize their hands!

Could Cheryl be harming her daughter through her actions?

Pretty Expensive Hobby?

Amber says she's spent nearly $30,000 preparing her 2-year-old daughter for beauty pageants. During the competitions, she says she dresses the tot up like an adult, lets her wear makeup and even gets her spray tans.



Is Amber living vicariously through her child?  


The Error of Their Ways

Dr. Phil asks comedian Kathleen Madigan to hit the streets of Los Angeles to discover what big mistakes people think they could be making.


Friends and Finances
Kathy says she loaned her friend $1,000 over a year ago, but has only received $50. Should she ask her pal to pay up, or just cut her losses and move on?

Potty Training Trials
Nathan and Julie say they've tried everything from time-outs to putting big boy underwear on their 3-year-old son, Michael, to get him potty trained, but all of their efforts to get him on the pot have been for naught.
It's Your Turn, Dr. Phil!
What does Dr. Phil do to relax during holiday season? Does he get behind the wheel, or does he have a driver? Why is Robin always smiling?

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