Dr. Phil speaks with people who often struggle to get along: ex-wives and stepmoms. With 1,300 stepfamilies forming every day in the U.S., learn what you can do to ensure a happy and healthy extended family.


Putting the Family Back Together

Jennifer and her ex-husband's new wife, Carol, hated each other for two years, until one pivotal moment changed their relationship forever. Together, they wrote the book No One's the Bitch, which offers 10 steps to strengthening the stepfamily " starting with the women. 


"How could I say no to someone loving my daughter?" 


A Stepmother's Role

Lori says she's had a tense and rocky relationship with her husband's ex-wife, Stephanie, and says the past eight years have been difficult. Can Dr. Phil help these women negotiate a new relationship? 


What are the guidelines for a stepmother? 


Unfinished Business

Steve says he feels caught in the middle of his wife, Lori, and ex-wife, Stephanie. He shares an incident when Stephanie wrote negative things about him online. What can he do to help resolve the tension? 


Find out Dr. Phil's advice for resolving post-marital issues. 

Extra Content

    No One's the Bitch: A Ten-Step Plan for the Mother and Stepmother Relationship
    by Jennifer Newcomb Marine and Carol Marine

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