When Dr. Phil last tackled the topic of the other woman, the debate got so intense, he kept the conversation going! Sarah Symonds, leader of the online group Mistresses Anonymous, and Steve Santagati, author of The Manual, return to share their beliefs of why some men are unfaithful. Plus, learn how to affair-proof your marriage.


Inside the Mind of a Cheater
Why do men have affairs, and why do women date married men? Sarah, a self-proclaimed infidelity analyst, and Steve, who says he researched why men cheat, share their theories. Plus,
Melvine, a former guest who says she was cheated on, challenges Steve's views.   


"Why we cheat is because we're idiots!"


Several audience members take Steve and Sarah to task. Plus, a woman with 11 brothers gives insight into why men stray


Don't miss their heated discussion!


Mistresses Speak Out

After watching the last show on infidelity, Tiffany sent in a video confessing the affair she's having with an old high school friend she reconnected with on Facebook. And, "Gretchen" says she's become the very person she despises " a mistress. What's behind her need to cheat?

Extra Content

Having an Affair? A Handbook for the "Other Woman."
by Sarah Symonds

 The Manual
by Steve Santagati

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