Dr. Phil examines the new wave of communication! With technology that allows people to connect through cell phones and computers, through texts, blogs and tweets, no one talks anymore! Even Dr. Phil admits to getting into the act. But how much is too much?


Texting It In!

Dr. Phil texts in to the show to prove how communication is changing. But how much is too much? Is your family so "wired" that you find out dinner is ready via a text message?


One Florida dad isn't happy with what technology has done to his family. 


Divorce Don'ts

Hear from an attorney who says what you post online could be used as evidence against you " especially in a divorce. He gives his five tips to keep you out of trouble if you're going through a divorce. 


Are you guilty of one of these Divorce Don'ts? 


Distracted Mom

Alyssa, 16, turns in her mom, Melanie, because she says her mom is so addicted to texting and communicating on Facebook that she puts the entire family in danger. Dr. Phil gives the new media mom a wake-up call!


"She's 7, and she feels like she's second fiddle to a computer screen," 


Too Much Technology Too Soon?

Delores says her 13-year-old son, Steven, became so addicted to his cell phone, she had to call the sheriff on him! How young is too young to have a mobile phone? Dr. Phil gives his thoughts, and audience members weigh in.


"They can get to pornography, they can expose themselves to predators." 


Tips for the Tech Addict

Blogging, tweeting, texting ... For the younger generation, it's the only communication they know. So, what happens when you take away a teen's cell phone? Can teen correspondent Alex survive 24 hours without his phone? Plus, social media expert Chris Brogan gives tips for finding balance in the tech addicted family.


"You need to start setting some boundaries."

Extra Content

  • Trust Agents: Using the Web to Build Influence, Improve Reputation, and Earn Trust
    by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith

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