Kate was an all-American girl who loved drawing and taking ballet lessons. But her world was turned upside down at 4 when her mother, Diane, was diagnosed with cancer and later died. Now her aunt and father are locked in a contentious custody battle. 


Child in the Crossfire

Kate's mother passed away when she was 6, and now the little's girl's aunt, Deborah, whom she lived with, and father, Peter, are fighting for custody. Dr. Phil asks both sides the tough questions. Plus, Mel Feit, director for the National Center for Men, joins the show.


Find out why Mel says he's disgusted by this custody battle.


Similar Custody Woes

Dr. Phil says Kate's story reminds him of a previous guest, David Goldman, who is currently fighting an international custody battle for his son. Plus, Deborah says she has pictures that she claims are evidence of Peter's questionable home environment. Could the photos damage his case?


"I don't think you're qualified to have custody." 



An Unbiased View

Areva Martin, a family attorney and mother, weighs in. Don't miss her heated exchange with Mel!


"I want to hear more about what kind of abuse was going on."


Backstage Battle

At the end of the show, Dr. Phil invites Deborah and Peter to talk to him in the green room without their lawyers present. 


Will they be able to reach a compromise for Kate's sake?


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