Dr. Phil follows up with parents and children to find out if they took his advice.

Sexy at 11?
Sally and her 11-year-old daughter Victoria appeared on "Sexy Too Soon." Sally was concerned because Victoria's provocative clothing was attracting grown men. Is Victoria now dressing her age?


The Little Bully
Mason's mom was shocked to see hidden camera footage of her son hitting other children on "How Well Do You Know Your Kids?" What did she do after seeing how Mason behaves when she's not around?



A Troubled Teen
Ashleigh and her mother Barbara appeared on "How to Talk to Your Teens" after Barbara caught her daughter lying, drinking and doing drugs. Did Ashley keep her promise and give up her secret life?



Toddler Tips: Did They Work?
On "How to Get Your Child To ..." Dr. Phil helped to potty train a child in one day. Is he still potty trained? Did Kate stop breastfeeding her 8-year-old? Is Noah, the picky eater, finally eating at meal time?


See who took Dr. Phil's advice and who didn't.


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