Erin, mom of the Dr. Phil Family, returns with Alex's soon-to-be ex-husband, Chris, and his mother, Cheryl. Find out the latest shocking news regarding the custody battles of Nathan and Leilah, see Alex's emotional responses to Chris' tough questions and learn the strong message Dr. Phil has for the grandmothers.


Custody of Nathan
Nathan's father took the custody battle to court, and now a judge has made a decision. Will the 6-year-old be allowed to remain with his grandparents, whom he has spent most of his life with, or will he begin a new life with his father?


"That was the turning point."


Viewers Weigh In
Viewers are flooding the message boards talking about the Dr. Phil Family since their return. Erin responds to her critics and hears from supporters.


"You are very cruel and manipulating."


Alex Answers Chris' Questions
Chris, Alex's soon-to-be ex-husband, wants to clear up a few topics with Alex and has tough questions for her.


"I think that you are scum under my feet."


Grandmothers on Opposite Sides

Chris's mother, Cheryl, joins the show. Find out about her relationship with Erin and what has her concerned about her granddaughter. And, Chris reveals new information about the bruises discovered on his daughter, Leilah's, neck.


"You two need to rise above the fray."


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