Does your personality help or hinder you in everyday life? Are you a perfectionist? A drama queen? Do you over-analyze the smallest of details? Is your personality standing in the way of your ultimate happiness?


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What Animal Fits Your Personality?

Do you see yourself as a tiger or a bear? Dr. Phil sends comedienne Kate Rigg out on the streets of Hollywood to see how honest people are when describing their personality. Armed with an online personality test, Kate tells them what animal suits them best. Take the test yourself!


Perfectionist Pain

Andrea admits she's a perfectionist and has every single minute planned each day. She says if one minute of her schedule goes wrong, her whole day is completely thrown off. It's gotten to the point where her perfectionist tendencies are taking a physical toll.


Dr. Phil puts Andrea to the test.


Not Dr. Phil's Online Personality Test!

Nina writes: Dear Dr. Phil, I recently took your online personality test. Can you really tell my personality type by what color I like, or if I sit with my legs crossed, or the position I sleep in or how fast I walk? My test results were that I'm the lively center of attention. That couldn't be further from the truth. Dr. Phil, is this for real?

Sincerely, Nina, Marina del Ray, California

Dr. Phil breaks the news that he doesn't have a personality test on the Internet. "Those people are ripping off my name, they are ripping off my trademark, they are ripping off the copyright. So, no, I don't have a personality test. It's bogus," he says.


Dating Checklist

Kim admits to over-analyzing every guy she meets but stands by her 20-item checklist of what is required in a future boyfriend. Her friend, Lily, believes Kim's list is setting her up for a life of loneliness.  


Dr. Phil examines Kim's list. What does he think? 


Opposites Attract?

Jill says she and her husband, Fred, have completely different personalities. She says Fred is way too serious and wishes he would lighten up. Fred admits he has some flaws but says there is plenty for Jill to work on as well.


Can these two meet in the middle? 


Drama Queen Daughter 

Roxanne says her 5-year-old has very high self-esteem and has been caught telling her reflection in the mirror how much she loves her. She changes her clothes often to look "fabulous" and throws a fit if her mom tries to dress her. Is this normal for her age?


"I heard her say, ‘I love myself so much, I could marry myself.'" 


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