Erin is worried about the choices her youngest daughter, Katherine, is making. When Dr. Phil questions the teen about some of her recent behavior, she storms out of the room. Find out what brought Katherine to her emotional boiling point.


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Medical Mystery

Katherine says she suffers from a pain that is sometimes so severe, she is unable to move, stand, work or go to school. To help determine what's causing her pain, Dr. Phil teams up with The Doctors and sends Katherine for tests at UCLA Diagnostics.

"I just wish I could live a normal life."


Addressing the Accusations

Dr. Phil questions Katherine about accusations made by her mother, Erin, and Alex's soon-to-be ex-husband, Chris. Find out what brings her to tears and causes her to storm out of the room.


"I did not do that, and I'm flabbergasted that somebody would even make that up."


Concerned Mom

After Katherine storms off, Dr. Phil talks to Erin, and they discuss a video message that she recorded about her daughter's latest behavior. Find out what has the mom so worried. And, Katherine makes a desperate attempt to find her aunt in Los Angeles.


"I want you to put her in some rehab."


Going Home

Katherine receives an upsetting phone call from her father, Marty. Learn what he said and why the teen is ready to move out and away from her family.


"I just felt like the entire world was crashing down on me."

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Dangerous Teen Trends
Maureen and her husband turned to Dr. Phil because they discovered their 14-year-old son, Sam, was using drugs. Dr. Phil got Sam to admit that he wouldn't refuse the next hit, if given the opportunity.

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