When you recall the biggest events of 2009, what comes to mind? The recession? Going green? The release of the iPhone? Twittermania? Dr. Phil takes the guesswork out of 2010's trends, as he breaks down the good, bad and downright ugly predictions.


Many Americans have been impacted by news of the devastation in Haiti. Click here to learn how to donate to the Haiti Relief Fund. Click here for Dr. Phil's advice on coping with the disaster. 


The Future of Flights and Fees

A scary trend on the horizon is increased acts of terrorism, such as the recent Northwest Airlines incident. How will future travel be impacted? Plus, learn about a frightening new trend that could affect your finances.


How can Americans learn to live without fear? 


Addicted to Celebrities

Jody Turner, founder of CultureOfFuture.com, reflects on America's obsession with celebrities. And, Natalia says she spends five hours a day Googling updates on famous people and says she wants to lose weight so she can look like Victoria Beckham.


Don't miss what happens when comedian Kate Rigg pays Natalia a visit! 


Neglecting Family for Facebook
Teresa says she's obsessed with technology, especially her Facebook account. She says she spends hours on the computer playing video games and admits that she gets antsy when she can't get online.

Computer, Cultural and Health Trends
Kristen Fischer, Director of New Media for Dr. Phil, shares the latest technological advances. Plus, Dr. Phil reveals a controversial medical trend for 2010 that has people divided.

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