During the last show, Katherine abruptly ended her conversation with Dr. Phil and stormed out of the room. Now reunited with her family, what does the future hold for the teen? And, get an update on Alex's custody battles.


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Mother and Daughter at Odds
When Katherine arrived home, she got into a heated discussion with her mother, Erin. What has the teen so mad? Find out why Erin believes her daughter displayed tantrum behavior.


What does Dr. Phil think should be the next step for Katherine?


Living in Her Own Reality? 

Katherine joins the show via satellite. Will she apologize for her rude behavior? And, Katherine admits that she still has drug paraphernalia in her possession. Hear why.


"I kind of wish you had been a little bit nicer about it."


"I Don't Want Her in My Life"

Katherine's older sister, Alex, joins the show. Why does she say she questions the seriousness of Katherine's medical condition? Katherine has harsh words for her older sibling.


"There is no hope for this relationship"  


Behavior Contract

Erin says she drew up a behavior contract for Katherine to sign and abide by, but she says her daughter is failing to meet the guidelines. The teen disagrees.


 "When you say things that you say, with the bitterness and the anger, that's just not healthy."


Custody Battle Update

Alex is joined by her custody attorney, Curtis Fallgatter. Get an update on the custody battles for her two children, and learn their latest legal strategy.


Is Alex on the right path to getting her children back?


Katherine's medical tests results are revealed on The Doctors. 

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