In the age of Twitter, Facebook and countless reality shows, it's no surprise that many people require an audience for even the most mundane aspects of their lives. But when does this attention-seeking behavior go too far?


Playing with Fire?

Stunt parents Jim and Celia say they lit themselves and their kids on fire to get noticed for a reality show. Jim says that being on the program will bring his family closer together. What does Dr. Phil think?


A popular mommy blogger has some choice words for these parents!


The Price of Fame

Sarah says she was fresh out of college when she was selected for the reality show Joe Millionaire, but the experience was more than she bargained for. She says she was labeled as a gold digger, and it's taken her years to get over the backlash.


"I expected maybe 30 seconds of fame, and I got years of infamy."


Desperately Seeking the Spotlight

Diamond says she went to great lengths to get noticed by Oprah, and Bridgetta says she'll do anything to get attention " even killing animals and diving in a pool naked!


Learn why these women say they are so eager for fame.


Tricks of the Trade

Sheila owns The Conlin Company, a firm responsible for casting shows such as Hell's Kitchen, The Swan and Nanny 911. Dr. Phil cameras spend the day with the industry insider as she reveals some of her trade secrets.


Learn what happens when Diamond auditions for Sheila!


Status Symbol?

Brittany, a college student, says she's addicted to Facebook. She says she's constantly updating her page to let everyone know what she's doing.


"This really can get a grip on you."