If you were an eyewitness to a crime, could you identify the perpetrator in a lineup? Joined by Dr. Gary Wells, a professor who's been studying eyewitness accounts for 30 years, Dr. Phil delves into a DNA exoneration case involving mistaken identification. Don't miss this compelling two-part series.


Eyewitness Experiment

Dr. Phil tests his audience to demonstrate the reliability of eyewitness accounts. Take the test yourself and learn why a high percentage of DNA exoneration cases involve mistaken identification. 

 "There are a lot of innocent people in jail right now."


Two Lives Changed Forever

Loretta was 15 and on her way to school when she was brutally attacked and raped. Dean was a happy 29-year-old father of three until he was convicted of the crime. After spending 14 years in prison, DNA evidence proved his innocence.


"I was told if I screamed, he would kill me." 


Facing the Truth

Loretta first wanted to conceal her identity, which is why her previous interview was in shadow. But she changed her mind and courageously decided to talk openly with Dr. Phil. Find out why she still believes Dean is her rapist. Can Dr. Phil get her to accept the truth? 


"This man is innocent." 


A Step Toward Healing

Loretta has just heard Dr. Phil's assertion that Dean, the man she helped put away for 14 years, was not her rapist and how the DNA evidence proved it. Is the truth that an innocent man was convicted because of her eyewitness account just too much to bear? Dr. Phil explains how she can take a step toward healing, and Dean responds to Loretta's interview. 


"I feel bad for the way she feels." 


Will Loretta have the courage to face Dean? See Part 2!  

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