Are you married to a controlling person? Dr. Phil's guests are wives who say their husbands try to control every aspect of their lives, and they're headed for divorce if their spouses don't stop their controlling ways.


"I Feel Like I'm Trapped"

Courtney says her husband, Paul, is obsessed with governing her life. She says he texts her up to 60 times a day, deletes her e-mails, keeps her from having friends and has to know her whereabouts at all times. She says he has a month to change this behavior, or she's leaving for good.


Will Paul admit his fears and decide to change his behavior?


Choosing the Wrong Battles? 

Aimee says her husband, Billy, tells her how to drive, cook, parent and clean. Billy says his wife is overdramatic, and he's just trying to bring order to the chaos.


"What makes you think a daughter wants to sleep with her daddy?"


It's Your Turn, Dr. Phil!

The audience gets to ask Dr. Phil their questions. Does Dr. Phil have a favorite sports team? Does Robin rule the roost?


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