Nearly 20 years after graduation, Dr. Phil's guests say they can't shake their high school image and are striving to overcome their deeply rooted insecurities. Plus, Dr. Phil reveals the common characteristics of victims of bullies.

Can't Stop Reliving the Past
Renee says her self-esteem was destroyed throughout her school years, because she was teased relentlessly and bullied physically; going home with bruises every day. She's 27 and married with three children, but says she still feels like she'll never be good enough.



Watch Dr. Phil perform an emotional exercise with Renee.


Parental Legacy

Renee and her husband, Shane, have three daughters, and now the mom fears that she's passing her lack of confidence onto her children. She says she even whitens her 7-year-old's teeth!


Will Renee learn to change her negative self-concept? 



Back Down Memory Lane

Dr. Phil talks with the stars of the reality show High School Reunion. Cyndi, Elena, Eric and John are friends trying to relive their glory days 20 years after graduation. See which rivalries are still simmering and how they're dealing with the labels they received in school.


"So you weren't aware of the peons?"

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