Dr. Phil continues his conversation with Erin and Alex, as mother and daughter continue to battle. Katherine joins the discussion for tough questions about alleged drug use, partying, and disappearing. Emotions run hot, and Alex leaves the conversation to take a break. Does Erin favor Katherine? And what will Erin do about her marriage concerns? Find out what Marty's done in the past when Erin has tried to leave.


Get caught up with the Dr. Phil Family.

  • "All my life, all I have wanted was to show my mom how good I was at whatever I would be doing at the time. For instance, I would make her sit right in the front row for my dance recitals just so I knew she would be paying attention to me."


"Don't Settle Too Cheap"

How do Alex and Katherine choose the men they date? You may be surprised to learn why they date whom they do.


"You deserve somebody where you don't have to have your utilities turned off."


Partying and Doing Drugs?

Is Katherine smoking pot? Her mother, Erin, believes she does. Dr. Phil questions Katherine about her alleged drug use and not coming home to Erin for days.


Emotions run high between the sisters, and Alex leaves the conversation to calm down.


"I'm Begging You"

Alex returns to the conversation to confront her mother. Will Erin finally understand why her eldest daughter is so upset?


"Stop protecting Katherine and stand up for once."


Issues with Marty

Erin continues to question the strength of her marriage to her husband, Marty. Is she willing to work on their relationship?


"I did everything that I needed to do to make that marriage work, and ... Marty got worse!"

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