Today's teens seem to be more obsessed with love than ever before, and many parents are concerned about the extreme measures their daughters are taking to get and keep a boyfriend. A recent poll on asked teens if they've ever gone to extremes to keep a boyfriend. Forty-five percent voted yes, with most respondents saying they had sex when the didn't want to. If you're a parent, don't miss the important steps you need to take to ensure the safety of your child.  


Obsessed with a Boy?

Dean and Lahna say their 17-year-old daughter, Chloe, is consumed with a boy, Dusty, and they don't approve. They claim he is a dope-smoking high school dropout who lives on a friend's couch and has taken thousands of dollars from their daughter. Chloe and Dusty say her parents have it all wrong.


"He says that he's received text messages from you, as many as 3,000 in a month."


Dusty's Perspective

Hear what Dusty has to say about his relationship with Chloe " his thoughts may surprise you! And, tensions rise as Chloe makes shocking remarks to her mother and walks offstage.


"I get that feeling that you're wanting to calm this down with her."


What Does the Future Hold?

Chloe returns to the stage, but does her attitude improve? Dr. Phil drills down in an attempt to get to the truth with the teen. Is she ready to work on her relationship with her parents? And, Dusty makes rude statements and reveals his desires for Chloe and their relationship.


"I absolutely hate her right now."

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