Dr. Phil posed the question on Twitter, "What are your biggest in-law problems, complaints and issues?" and the response was overwhelming! And in a recent poll, one quarter of divorced couples report that in-laws are "somewhat" responsible for their marriages ending. You may not believe it, but finding a way to get along with your mother-in-law is crucial for the long-term success of your marriage.


Mother-in-Law Hell 

Mothers-in-law always seem to get the blame for most in-law complaints. Patricia was inspired by her husband's mother to start up the Web site MotherInLawHell.com. She joins the show, along with her sister-in-law, Robin, via Polycom.


"Who does he love more: his mother or his wife?" 


Picking Sides

Dana says her mother-in-law, Trisha, is an intrusive instigator. Trisha says her daughter-in-law is cruel and cold. Troy is the husband in the middle of it all, and he's chosen to defend his mother instead of his wife.


"She probably wouldn't shed a tear if a bus ran her over." 


Sealing Their Fate?

After separating 10 to 25 times, can this marriage really be fixed? Dr. Phil drills down on Dana and Troy's marital problems. Does he think Trisha is the cause? Is Dana emotionally unbalanced, as Troy believes?


"This issue is so big that sometimes I can't see past it. I can't see past that he picks his mother over me." 


Warning Signs

Maggie says her mother-in-law thinks she hangs out with Satan. How can she get along with her husband's mother? And, Robin shares why she knew immediately she wouldn't have any problems with Dr. Phil's mother. Plus, find out how to know you will have mother-in-law issues before you tie the knot!

"People think ‘Once we get married, that will all go away.' No, it won't."