Dr. Phil sits down with Alex, and the mother of two drops a bombshell that just might have you screaming at your television! And, Alex and Chris are about to be divorced, but Alex says Chris still loves her. Dr. Phil sits down with Chris to find out the truth.


Get caught up with the Dr. Phil Family.


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"Did You Do This on Purpose?"

Alex reveals shocking news, and Dr. Phil doesn't mince words when he hears it.


"You don't have the right to be destroying people's lives."


Family Reaction

Find out how Alex's mother, Erin, sister, Katherine, and father, Marty, react to Alex's news.


"She is letting down our entire family."


Alex and Tony

Dr. Phil confronts Alex about her choices and asks her tough questions. Does she have a plan in place for the difficult road ahead? And, find out the status of her relationships with her current boyfriend,Tony, and the man she's divorcing, Chris. 


"I've never had a family where I could just really be myself."


"You Can't Choose to Love Somebody"

Alex is in the process of divorcing her husband, Chris, and she says he still has feelings for her. Dr. Phil delivers the news Alex asked him to " that she wants to be with Tony, not Chris.  




Find out Chris' reaction to Alex's latest news and what it may mean for him.

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