There are killers among us, and they're not terrorists ... they're mothers who get drunk and then get behind the wheel, often with their kids in the car. More moms than ever are admitting to sneaking a drink or two while caring for their children. Learn how this epidemic may be affecting moms you know. This show just may be your call to action and help you save a life!
Seeing is Believing
During the past five years, the number of women arrested for driving drunk has increased steadily. Many people recall Diane Schuler's horrific crash on the Taconic State Parkway in New York that killed eight people, including herself and four young kids. A shattered vodka bottle was found in the minivan that she was driving. There's also the story of 55-year old Martha Thompson, a school bus driver, who got behind the wheel drunk, with a blood alcohol content of .15.


"Beer Numbs My Pain" 

Erin says her good friend, Mary, drinks 12 to 18 beers a day and has driven drunk with her children in the car. Get a glimpse into a day in Mary's life, and see how her love of alcohol is destroying her relationship with her children.


"I just want to go back five years in time and have everything be normal again."


Grave Wake-Up Call

Dr. Phil has a strong message for Mary. Will it inspire her to put down the beer and pick up the pieces of her life?


"You put her in that car, you drive drunk, this is exactly where she's going to wind up."


An Innocent Child

Mary's 13-year old daughter, Kelly, speaks with Dr. Phil and shares her feelings about her mother and the out-of-control drinking.


"I love my mom, but it's so hard to be around her and have a relationship with her."


Messages of Hope

Emily is a recovering alcoholic who has been sober for two years. She shares her story and encouragement for Mary. And, find out if former guest, Joni, was able to end her addiction to alcohol.


Will Mary accept the offer Dr. Phil puts before her?