Dr. Phil continues his discussion with Chris, Alexandra's soon-to-be ex-husband, explaining that Alex is no longer in love with the young man. When Alex makes a surprise visit, Chris' emotions get the best of him. Why does Chris say Alex is hiding her true feelings from him? And, the family admits their biggest mistakes, and discusses the progress they've made and what they're still working to change.


Get caught up with the Dr. Phil Family.


"I'm Done Playing This Game" 

Despite his pending divorce and Alexandra's pregnancy with another man's baby, Chris reveals to Dr. Phil his true feelings for Alex. Chris has been calling, texting and sending flowers to his soon-to-be ex-wife. He's even written her a love note that she refused to read. In the middle of Dr. Phil's one-on-one chat with Chris, Alex makes a surprise visit.


"I know her better than she knows herself.".


"She's nuts. She's a Lunatic."

The Dr. Phil show catches up with Chris on his way to the airport. He shares his thoughts on Alex and why he believes she's hiding her true feelings for him. His behavior leaves no question as to how he feels about his short-lived marriage.


"I have pictures in my phone of me and her in her hotel room together."


Instant Replay

Alex reacts candidly to Chris' grand gesture and then reveals her thoughts on Dr. Phil's reaction to her pregnancy.


"I was the best thing that ever happened to Chris." 


Looking Toward a Bright Future 

Alex, Katherine and Erin reveal the biggest mistakes they were making when Dr. Phil started working with them again and share the progress they're making in changing their lives.


"At this point, I have to be optimistic."


Divorce Update

Alexandra's divorce is now final, and she goes to pick up her divorce papers from her attorney. And, Chris shares his update. 


"We can all move forward and focus on what's important."


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