She's been called a criminal, a kidnapper and a thief. Surrogate mom Shelly Baker returns to Dr. Phil's stage to face her critics and set the record straight about her controversial decision to keep the twins she carried for intended parents, Scott and Amy Kehoe.


In the Babies' Best Interest? 

Shelly says she was surprised by the backlash she received on the message boards and maintains that she was only protecting the children from Amy, who allegedly withheld the fact that she has a mental illness. Joining the surrogate mother is CBS legal analyst Lisa Bloom, who believes Shelly is within her rights to keep the twins.


"Bring on the questions! I'm not scared for anybody to ask them."


Debating the Issue

Kelly says she had a positive experience using Shelly as a surrogate and would recommend her again. Then, an audience member shares why she agrees with Shelly's decision. Plus, Bill Handel, attorney and director of the Center for Surrogate Parenting, weighs in.


Find out what Bill thinks of Shelly's decision.


A Fellow Surrogate Speaks Up
Susan has been a surrogate mother on five different occasions, resulting in eight babies. She says she was involved in a situation similar to Shelly's.


"She needs to give the babies back to the intended parents."


Another Tale of Heartbreak

Intended parents Tom and Gwyn also made headlines when their surrogate had a change of heart midway through the pregnancy. Plus, a Dr. Phil staff member shares he and his wife's experience with a surrogate mother.


"She was never going to give us this child."


A Exclusive!

After the show, audience members share their thoughts on Shelly's decision to keep the twins she carried as a surrogate. And, Dr. Phil reveals how he would have settled the case if he were the judge.