It's a five-letter word that can come between loved ones and divide families forever: M-O-N-E-Y! Dr. Phil and legal analyst Lisa Bloom speak with guests battling over inheritances and prenuptial agreements.


Squandered Inheritance?

Kathy says her father, Ed, betrayed her by losing close to a million dollars " which should've been her inheritance " in bad investments with her brother. Ed admits he wasn't honest with his family about his financial decisions. Kathy says some of that money was meant for her children's college funds, and she's not sure she can ever forgive him. She hasn't allowed him to see his grandchildren in nearly two years.


"I don't think he deserves to be called Dad."

A Better Investment

Dr. Phil gets to the heart of the matter in the father/daughter rift. If it's not about the money, as Kathy says, what's at the center of her anger? How can Ed fix his relationship with his daughter? 


"I certainly do miss her. She was the darling of my heart."



Prenup Regret

Stacy thinks she's ready to divorce her husband, and wants to know, can she be awarded more than what her prenuptial agreement stipulates, given her unique circumstances?


"My whole idea of who this man is has been shattered." 

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