Dr. Phil digs further into the heartbreaking story of a father's desperate search for his missing daughter, and the loss he felt when his grandchildren were taken away by the man who may be guilty of their mother's disappearance. It's a shocking story that has had a ripple effect on three generations. Don't miss this chilling tale that will have you hugging your loved ones a little tighter.


Catch up on the introduction of this story on the episode, "What Really Happened to Susan Powell?"



Kimberly Medina, 19, disappeared in 1996, leaving behind her daughters, Nekka, 3, and Marissa, 2. Kimberly's father, John, has never stopped searching for her and believes his son-in-law, Mike, is responsible. Hear the details of this family's tragic story, and find out what happened when Mike and his girls vanished without a trace for eight years. 


"I was certain of foul play then." 


A Tragedy and a Confession? 

Mike's ex-girlfriend, Becky, continues the story of what happened to their baby. Did a father do the unthinkable? Did he kill his own 16-month-old son? Plus, Becky recounts the chilling details of what she says Mike confessed to her about Kimberly. 


"He kept saying, ‘I'm not afraid to do something. I'm not scared, because I got away with it once." 


What Did the Girls Witness? 

When Mike was named a person of interest in the disappearance of his wife, Kimberly, her best friend, Sabrina, gained temporary custody of Nekka and Marissa. Sabrina joins the show via Polycom and explains what she learned from little Nekka. Plus, how are the girls now? Dr. Phil sits down with them to revisit the past. What do they think happened to their mother? And, how do they feel about their father?


"She just told me that the coo-coo man put her inside of the hole." 


Family Reunion 

The girls describe what happened the horrible day their father made them say goodbye to their little brother, Degan. Why do they feel they could have prevented this tragedy? Plus, see the emotional reunion as Dr. Phil unites John with his granddaughters. 


Can they recover from their shocking history and heal as a family? 

Extra Content

  • Mending the Broken Bond
    by Dr. Frank Lawlis
  • If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Kimberly Medina, please contact Investigator Paul Goodman with the Attorney General's Office at (303) 866-5331.
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