Do you know someone who makes big mistakes over and over? Dr. Phil gives his guests the wake-up calls they desperately need to stop repeating their destructive behavior.


Extreme and Repeated Speeding

Jessica admits that she drives too fast. In the last three years, she has been stopped for speeding more than 60 times and has accrued thousands of dollars in tickets. Her mother, Marian, fears her daughter will end up dead or killing someone.


Is Jessica on a collision course with death, or is she ready to hit the brakes?


Reality Kicks In

Alice and Tom tragically lost two of their sons in a high-speed car accident. They share a cautionary tale every driver needs to hear. And, Dr. Phil puts Marian on the witness stand. Will she come to grips with the severity of her daughter's behavior?


"We live through an everlasting nightmare every day and every minute of our lives."

Obsessed with Plastic Surgery

Loretta says she's constantly fighting the urge to go under the knife. At 38, she's already had seven procedures " ranging from Botox to breast implants " and wants more! Her husband, Shawn, says he doesn't want his wife to look like a "freak." And, an expert shares how plastic surgery can go horribly wrong.


Can Loretta break her obsession with beauty before she's scarred for life?


Compelled to Shop

Victoria admits she's a repeat shopping addict. With more than 100 pairs of shoes, thousands of CDs and 25 bathing suits to show for it, she's already gone into as much as $50,000 in debt and paid it off. Now she she's worried she'll end up back in the hole.


What's behind her compulsion to charge?