Dr. Phil and HLN's Nancy Grace dissect recent headlines that demonstrate how they believe the U.S. system has failed. "I want to talk about some stories that I've just got to tell you have me so mad, I can't see straight," Dr. Phil says. "How does this happen? What is wrong with people?" 


Delaware Doctor

The police knew, the state medical board knew, the Attorney General's office knew and even family and friends of pediatrician Dr. Earl Bradley saw the warning signs of a pedophile. He's accused of sexually abusing 102 girls and one boy over a 10-year period. How did so many people drop the ball and allow this to happen? 


"I feel sick. I feel angry, and I feel sick." 


Girl Fights on the Rise

Girl fights are increasing at an alarming rate. Experts say more and more disputes between young girls are turning violent, and videos of the altercations are showing up on the Internet. Is it just a ploy for attention?


Dr. Phil examines the stories behind three fights caught on tape. 


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