After years of sibling rivalry, Alexandra and Katherine finally face off in an honest, intense, and raw dyad with Dr. Phil. Can they get past their jealousy and bitterness and chose to forgive each other? And Erin, who is often caught in the middle of her daughter's tug of war for her attention, is called out on why she tolerates her daughters' bratty and entitled behavior. Alexandra catches her younger sister on a home video camera to show how Katherine speaks to her mother and to her. Plus, will Katherine admit to having a substance abuse problem?


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The choices you make are 100 percent your responsibility, and they affect your interactions with everyone else in your family. Are you accountable for your behavior? Ask yourself these questions and find out.


"You've Lost Sight of What's OK"

Erin is caught in the middle of Alexandra and Katherine's sibling rivalry, as her daughters battle for her attention. Dr. Phil puts her in the hot seat to find out why she lets her daughters disrespect her. Learn why she breaks down and what Dr. Phil tells her she must do to change her life.


"This cannot have been your dream when you had children."


"I Feel Like There's Nobody There for Me"

Jealousy, betrayal and bitterness keep Alexandra and Katherine from being close. In an emotional dyad, one sibling makes a shocking confession, and the other pours her heart out.


"I felt like everybody was against me, and I just wanted to talk to you."


"I Know How Hard it Is … I was There"

Find out what Alex fears the most for her sister. "I've been at the bottom. I've been where all you care about is going out, and partying with your friends and where you're going to get messed up next. I've been there, and I know how hard it is," Alex says. Will Katherine admit to having a substance abuse problem? 


"I sure as hell don't want to see her go that way."


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One of Dr. Phil's steps in creating a phenomenal family, is to promote a rhythm in your family life. This can be achieved by being accountable for your choices. Ask yourself these questions to see if you accept the choices you're making. 

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