Dr. Phil delves into the case of convicted rapist and serial killer Rodney Alcala. Although the 66-year-old photographer recently received a death sentence for the murder of four women and a child in the 1970s, he was able to successfully overturn two previous death sentences through court appeals. Plus, Dr. Phil examines the case of another sex offender, John Gardner, who stands accused of the murder of 17-year-old Chelsea King. Why was he allowed back on the streets to possibly strike again?


A Lifetime of Horror and Heartbreak

Bruce and Robert lost their loved ones at the hands of Rodney Alcala and say they can't believe he was allowed to slip through the cracks. And, meet a woman who was abducted by the serial killer and lived to tell about it.


"I will always be linked with a serial killer."


The Experts Weigh In 

From a reporter who covered the Alcala case for 30 years to the district attorney who prosecuted the serial killer, the professionals speculate on how Alcala was able to evade justice.


"Our system just doesn't have the backbone."


A Parent's Worst Nightmare

John Gardner, a registered sex offender, stands accused of the murder of 17-year-old Chelsea King, an honor student. Learn how a California assemblyman plans to prevent other children from falling victim to predators.


"In 1968, the system failed Tali. Forty years later, the system failed Chelsea."


A DrPhil.com Exclusive

Dr. Phil and his panel of experts examine the flaws in our justice system and debate how to tighten existing sex offender laws.


Extra Content

  • If you have information regarding the identities of the women and children in the photographs found in Rodney Alcala's storage unit, please contact the Huntington Beach Police at (714) 375-5066 FREE or the Orange County District Attorney's office at (714) 347-8492 FREE.
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