Are you so concerned about pleasing others and receiving their approval that you're constantly buying them gifts, picking up lunch tabs and going out of your way to accommodate them? Do you avoid saying "no" because you don't want to hurt their feelings? Find out what's behind this "disease to please" and how to cure it.

Can't Say No
Patti just can't say "no" to her family, friends and coworkers or even to strangers. She says it's because, "I really want people to like me."


People Pleaser

Cheryl's people-pleasing ways of picking up dinner tabs, giving gifts and throwing parties for family and friends totaled $5,000 last year.

A Doormat?

Jamillah says, "I'm the ultimate doormat." She admits she's nice to everyone except the people closest to her, like her husband and mother.





View Dr. Phil's advice for all three guests.

Update: See how Cheryl's doing today.