Dr. Phil delves into the prescription drug crisis in America that is pervading everywhere from high schools to Hollywood. The untimely death of several of celebrities, including former child actor Corey Haim, is causing many people to wonder what and who is to blame for their deaths. Joining the show to uncover the reality of the widespread prescription drug epidemic is Dr. Phil contributor Kelly Osbourne; correspondent from The Insider Chris Jacobs; Corey Haim's agent and friend, Mark Heaslip, and addiction specialist Dr. Harold Urschel. If you're a parent, this is your call to action. Learn the warning signs to watch for so your child isn't the next victim.

"Parents, pay close attention. This is not just a Hollywood problem; this is happening in your neighborhood, it could be happening in your family," Dr. Phil warns.


"Doctors Are the Ones Prescribing These Poisons"

Recently, child star Corey Haim tragically died at the age of 38. Now, his name is being associated with a growing list of Hollywood stars who got caught up in the deadly world of prescription pills. Dr. Phil and his panel discuss Corey's drug use and the prescription drug trend.


"The celebrities that we know about are emblematic of the epidemic that's happening in high schools and colleges, and even sometimes in grade schools."


Commonalities in Celebrity Deaths

Celebrities Michael Jackson, Anna Nicole Smith and Heath Ledger passed away from prescription drug overdoses. Legal analyst Loni Coombs gives an update on the case against Michael Jackson's doctor, Conrad Murray. And, addiction specialist Dr. Harold Urschel weighs in on why doctors prescribe these medicines to people with a history of drug abuse.


"Are we getting on a slippery slope here?"

Legal Involvement

California Attorney General Jerry Brown is spearheading an investigation to fight prescription drug abuse. He shares the details and how Corey Haim's death may be linked to a massive drug ring investigation.


"You have the dirty doctors who are profiting from this type of abuse."


Inside the Minds of Young People

Studies show that one in five teens has tried prescription drug painkillers. Listen in on Kelly's candid conversation with a group of young adults who have taken pills, and find out where they got them, how often they took them and why they do it. And, child star Jeremy Jackson shares his struggle with drugs.


"You take a pill, and you fit in."


Teen Tragedy
Lucy lost her 15-year-old son to acute methadone poisoning, after he took pills he received from a friend. She and her daughter, Diana, join the show. And, Dr. Phil has an important message for kids.


"There's a point at which these doctors are going to have to be accountable."



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