Dr. Phil tackles an activity so beloved and coveted, the mere thought of it being attacked has caused an uproar among mothers across America. Any mother would kill to have more of it but can't seem to get enough: Leisure time! Research by University of Maryland's Dr. John Robinson claims that mothers aren't working nearly as many hours as they think they are. In fact, the data says busy moms actually have 30 to 40 hours of leisure time every week. That's almost a full-time job! Don't miss this hot-button debate.


What Leisure Time?

Dr. Phil gathers a team that has a lot to say about this latest data: TV and radio host and new mom Teresa Strasser, comedians Paul Rodriguez and Leanne Morgan, ParentDish.com reporter Amy Hatch and The Washington Post staff writer Brigid Schulte. Plus, other moms react to the study and show all their "leisure time" activities. 


"I would like Dr. Robinson to find me 30 hours of leisure time, but mostly, I'd like to tell him to suck it." 


Facing His Critics

The man behind all the research, Dr. John Robinson, joins the discussion " in full protective gear, ready to face Dr. Phil's panel. Plus, meet one mother who agrees with the research. 


"I'm busy, but I did it to myself!" 


Roles in Marriage
Mike says his stay-at-home wife, Tiffany, could be doing a whole lot more during her day. Tiffany says caring for their two young children takes up a lot of time, and she can't always get everything done. She says Mike's criticisms of her housework makes her feel unappreciated and worthless. 


Does Mike realize the impact he's having on his partner?

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