Have you ever walked into a room and wondered what you went in there for? Or do you constantly lose your belongings? It's time to clear the cobwebs out of your brain and become smarter and happier! Dr. Phil, along with editor-in-chief of Prevention magazine, Liz Vaccariello, reveals the tips and tricks to boost your brainpower and improve your mood.


Brain Game

Play a brain game and see how good your memory is.


"Just as we have to work our muscles in order to get stronger, we have to work our brains."


Decision Dilemmas 

Arthur says when it comes to making decisions, his mind goes blank, and he freezes. It has even taken him hours to choose a restaurant! Is there hope for Arthur?


Find out out what activity can help you make decisions quicker. 


Boost Your Memory

Erica is a mother of two who says she's so overwhelmed being a wife and mom, she forgets to do everything from paying bills to picking her son up from school.


Learn about the techniques she used to improve her memory and how you can use them too!


Foods to Boost Your Brainpower

Liz says that eating the right foods is critical to sharpening your brain. Find out the 10 foods you should be eating.



Beat the Winter Blues

Jennifer says that she is normally happy and outgoing but when winter rolls around, she finds herself late to work, hibernating at home, canceling plans with friends and just plain irritable.


Easy tips to overcome the doldrums.


Remember Names

Xica says she has such a hard time remembering names that she will save people's numbers in her phone under descriptions like, "Man I met at bank."


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