The pressure to be thin is immense in this country, and the media bombards us with endless messages about losing weight. Dr. Phil and his guest panel: Jillian Michaels, trainer for the hit TV show The Biggest Loser; MeMe Roth, president of the anti-fat organization National Action Against Obesity; Michael Karolchyk, owner of the Anti-Gym; Peggy Howell from the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance; Marianne Kirby, author of Lessons from the Fat-O-Sphere; Erica Watson, comedienne and star of the one-woman show "Fat Bitch" and Kelly Osbourne, Dr. Phil contributor and author, continue the heated discussion about the treatment of fat people in society, debating about everything from cupcakes in the classroom to the size of the U.S. Surgeon, General Regina Benjamin. You don't want to miss the conclusion to this highly charged show!


Lightening Up the Conversation

Comedian John Pinette, who often pokes fun at his size in his act, adds both insight and levity to the discussion.


Cupcake Debate

The rate of childhood obesity is rapidly rising, and it may be attributed to kids eating too many sweets. This has led to some schools enacting a ban on cupcakes in the classroom. And, tempers flare when the size of the United States Surgeon General, Regina Benjamin, is mentioned.


"You equate food with this acceptance and being a part of something."


Are You Obese?

You may be obese and not even know it. Learn a simple way to determine if you fall into that category and the severe health consequences you may face if you do. And, Kelly opens up about her struggles to maintain her physique.


"We're in a world where being fat is considered a sin." 


Audience Weighs In

Impassioned members of the audience share their thoughts with the panel, and sparks fly.


"I want to direct this to Miss Skinny Minnie ... "


Jillian's Training Method

On The Biggest Loser, Jillian has a specific training style that some people don't agree with. She debates with the panel. And, Dr. Liebowitz has an important message about fitness conditioning.


"Your methods are unhealthy."


Final Thoughts

The panel give a final comment about the war on obesity.

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