For Dr. Phil's guests, the bedroom has become a battlefield. Find out how you can put that spark back into your relationship!

A Year Without Sex
After gaining weight from two pregnancies, Jennifer says she hates her body. She says she has been rejecting her husband, Jim's, sexual advances because, "If I don't want to see myself naked, I can't imagine him liking what he sees."
Dr. Phil explains why self-acceptance is key.


A Frustrated Newlywed
Married only seven months, Rachelle says she is tired of having to beg her husband, Mark, for sex. Mark says that since opening their own business, his 90-hour work weeks have left him too exhausted.

View their story and Dr. Phil's advice.

Update: How are they doing today?



An Oral Obligation?
Renee wants to know if it's a wife's duty to give her husband oral sex, because she doesn't want "that thing" anywhere near her mouth. Renee's husband, Jim, would like Dr. Phil to clarify things as well, because he's tired of asking for it!
See what Dr. Phil tells this couple.


Death by Viagra?
Leonard and Debbie haven't had sex since his heart surgery " 10 years ago! He wants to fill his Viagra prescription. She's afraid that if he does, she'll kill him with sex.


Find out what Dr. Phil advises.
 Update: See how they're doing.



Couple Follow-Up
Loretta and Orlando appeared on "When Sexual Styles Don't Match." "Since the show, we've had more sex and it's been positive " a lot better for our marriage," says Orlando. Loretta says, "Because of Dr. Phil, our sex war is over!"