It's Ask Dr. Phil day, and he tackles serious questions about parenting and relationships. How do you help a 12-year-old with anorexia? Is staying together for the kids best? Plus, learn how pro snowboarder Jason Brown survived a horrible accident all because of one small piece of equipment.


A Playground Bet
Can you imagine a 6-year-old staring at herself in the mirror and asking if she looks fat? Or a 9-year-old skipping lunch and obsessively weighing herself? More and more young girls today are obsessed with their bodies. Don and Wendy say they fear their 12-year-old daughter, Jessica, is just wasting away, and it all began with a bet on the playground to see who could be the thinnest.

Sadly, Jessica is winning. 

Fighting in Front of the Kids

Meagen and her husband, Lance, say their arguments often escalate to screaming matches and throwing things at each other. Now they say their explosive fights are starting to affect their 10-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter. 


What's at the root of their quarrels, and can their marriage be saved? 


Saving Kids' Lives
Millions of kids were mesmerized by the snowboarders in this year's Winter Olympics. They seemed to defy gravity and the law of physics with their astounding moves. Former pro snowboarder Jason Brown shares his brush with death and the little piece of equipment that saved his life. Along with neuropsychologist Dr. David Lechuga, they are on a mission to protect children in snow sports.

Find out how you can help! 

Extra Content

  • Bill SB 880 for California " Mandatory helmets for children skiers and snowboarders
  • Support Bill SB 880 in California for mandatory helmets for children skiers and snowboarders! Click here to find your legislators and here for a sample letter to send. The bill is in the Senate now, but will go to the Assembly, so writing to both your Senator and Assemblymember is helpful!

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