Alex says the latest developments in her life, including taking parenting classes, an upcoming deposition, a parental fitness evaluation, money troubles and the ongoing custody battles for her two children, have her so stressed out, her hair is falling out. She joins the show via satellite to answer tough questions from Dr. Phil about her current situation and the choices she must make regarding her future. Will she heed Dr. Phil's warning? And, Erin shares her concerns about Tony, and the two face off behind closed doors. 


Get caught up with this family.


Custody Concerns

Erin shares her concerns about Tony, Alexandra's fiancé and father of her unborn child. And, Alex reveals the sex of her baby.


"It's time we've got to start being honest and dealing with this stuff straight up."


Erin and Tony Face Off

Alex's attorney, Curtis Fallgatter, calls a meeting to discuss a new development in Alex's custody battle, and emotions rise between Erin and Tony. And, Dr. Phil has a warning for Alex. With custody determinations of her children on the line, will she ask Tony to move out? 


"There is no question that you are jeopardizing your chances of getting those children back."


"I Want to Be the Mommy"

Erin says she wants Alex to move away from Tony so she can focus on getting her kids back. In fact, she found a small house near hers that she wants Alex to rent.


Learn how Alex feels about this proposal. 


See what happens when this important discussion continues.

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